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Dining Room, Aspendale

This beachfront house in Aspendale makes a bold statement with it’s stunning curved roofline.  Adjacent to the custom kitchen with Gaggenau appliances the dining area offers spectacular views and is easily strong enough to handle the bold choice of materials and colours.  The client approached us for TEAM7 furniture, specifically this stunning Flaye table and Girado chairs which compliment the curves of the house perfectly.



With its organic design, the flaye table combines leather and wood in it’s curved lines.  The client specified a stunning yellow leather to enhance the natural walnut but the biggest feature of this table is it’s patented extension mechanism.  With one hand and one seamless movement the table extends by a full metre allowing an extra four guests to be seated, definitely worth a look!

Click here to view Flaye Table video

The cantilevered Girado chairs with their three-dimensional backrest made from polished natural wood is unique in terms of woodwork and stands out thanks to its sculptural appearance.


Our TEAM7 furniture is custom made to order so this entire dining suite is made from the same tree.  It is a beautiful story!

Architect and Interior Design by Peter Koh